Vehicle Leasing

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my new van coming from?

All of our vans are sourced using large fleet discounts from dealer networks within the UK. In most cases, the van will be delivered to you by the franchised dealer in question.

Is there any mileage or damage restrictions on my new van?

Most people tend to confuse finance lease with contract hire. Contract hire is the only product we offer which has these restrictions. Finance lease and Hire Purchase are far more popular products, and neither of these has mileage or damage restrictions.

What do I do if I have an issue with the van when it arrives?

Before the delivery driver collects your van from the manufacturer, he/she will inspect it thoroughly, to ensure its condition is it should be before he signs for it, so your van should arrive with you in "as new condition". However, we do realise that no one is perfect, so please ensure you are happy with your vehicle BEFORE you sign for it. Please contact us immediately, and before you sign for it if you feel there are any issues what so ever.

Warranty and servicing my van

All of our vehicles are supplied from the UK dealer network, therefore, come with the very same warranty and servicing benefits. Your vehicle can be serviced by any garage, including your particular manufacturer, provided they uses the manufacturer's genuine parts. The van will also come with the balance of the manufacturer's warranty (normally three years from the date of registration) so any warranty issues can be dealt with by your local garage.

Please remember, most of our vehicles will be pre-registered (in order that you receive the very best discounts available) which means you would be the second owner of the vehicle, and our fleet sourcing company would be the first owner, but the vehicle will only have normal delivery mileage on the clock, as well as the majority of the three years warranty.

How do I place my order?

In the first instance, please contact us by phone or email us and we will call you. We will need a signed order form, and a £500 deposit to be paid by debit or credit card when placing your order.

I have never placed an order for a vehicle with an on-line company. Is there anything I should be concerned about?

In order to offer finance, we have to obtain a Consumer Credit Licence. This is issued by the Office of Fair Trading and as part of the vetting process we are visited by the local Trading Standards officer.

Our finance partners are very selective about whom they do business with. They check to confirm that we operate to standards of conduct and do not expose them financially or damage their reputation. We have very good relationships with a wide range of finance houses, meaning not only that they trust us to look after their reputation, but that they are also prepared to offer our customers very competitive rates.